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MARS 2018

Client: Amazon

Year: 2018

MARS - short for Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space - is a private tech conference that takes place in the Palm Desert. The primary goal of MARS is to bring together the brightest minds from each of the above disciplines to one location in hopes of inspiring one another, networking, and sparking collaboration.


The team was tasked with creating a background loop animation as well as animated introduction speaker cards for the event. Our goal was to create visuals that would cause curiosity and stimulate the viewer. The visuals nonetheless needed to stay subtle and not steal the attention of attendees engaged in conversation.


We wanted the visuals to be an extension of the conference. Inspired by the mid century modern aesthetic of the event's venue, The Parker Hotel Palm Springs. We landed on slow moving letter forms reassembling in four different vignettes that all have a little piece of The Parker in them.


Creative Direction: David Viau

Lighting & Shading: Drew NelsonIan Frederick

Design & Animation: Drew NelsonIan FrederickAndrew NamRyan EasthamDavid Viau

Title Design: Andrew Nam

Audio: Sugiwa

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