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Wooli Tour Visuals Spring 2023

Client: Wooli

Year: 2023

Once again, I had the pleasure of designing and animating a series of visuals for Wooli. A few years ago, I had designed a series of arcane symbols to expand the Wooli universe. This time the focus was on taking those previously designed symbols and creating beautiful, slow-moving particle effects around them with the intent of being used during Wooli's more melodic and slow songs. Aside from the particle effects, I was also asked to create a full-scale waterfall simulation which was quite challenging and very fun. 

One of the most challenging pieces to make was the waterfall. I had never done that before, although I had an idea how to do it. It took many hours of trial and error in Houdini to get the whitewater simulation to work properly.

Another challenge was the piece with the icy rocks rolling across a surface to form the mammoth logo. This brief for this one was "what if the Rings of Power title sequence was Wooli instead?" I had never really done large grain simulations like this before in Houdini, and getting all the little pieces to attract to the outlines of a logo took a few tries. In the end, the final product ended up being a combination of a large scale grain simulation for the smaller pieces, and an RBD simulation for the larger chunks that actually roll across the surface.

Design & Animation: Ian Frederick

Music: Crazy (Feat. Casey Cook) by Wooli, Codeko 

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