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Microsoft Teams Backgrounds

Client: Microsoft

Year: 2023

We were asked to design some new custom background images for Microsoft Teams. The theme was 'outside in.' They wanted us to create surreal spaces that felt open and airy with nature spilling in from the outside. These were intended to evoke a sense of calm and feel very 'zen'. A huge thank you to Microsoft Brand and Teams Design, this project was extremely fun to work on!

Look Development & Early Style Frames

The below images are some of the scenes and initial style frames we designed that either didn't make the final cut, or evolved into something else. Either way, we still like them and think they are worth sharing for the sake of the process.

Initially, we were asked to design some vibrant and quirky spaces that felt a little more eclectic in decor and slightly grungy. Below are some of the style frames we made in that direction. This style was eventually scrapped in lieu of a more minimalistic approach to the spaces with a calming feeling to them.

Early Wireframes

Early Sketches