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Beneath the Surface

Client: Self Initiated

Year: 2020

This experimental art piece was created as a method for me to learn Houdini, specifically its cloth and soft body system called Vellum. It started out as just seeing if I could model a good looking octopus tentacle. Then it became "what if the tentacle was dynamic and floppy?" then "what if there were like 1000 of them?" from there I just kept adding scenes, experimenting with having the tentacles and cloth interacting and colliding with things until I came up with this strange and abstract final product. I also really love this song by Levitate. (Huge thank you to him for giving me permission to use it!) Something about the silky smooth vocals and hypnotic beat felt like it worked perfectly with flowing cloth and the hypnotic motion of tentacles. I also wanted to see if I could create something that feels dark and edgy while using lots of white and bright light in the actual composition. This was such a great learning experience. I used Houdini, Cinema 4D, Redshift, Zbrush and the Adobe suite to make this. Enjoy!

Design & Animation: Ian Frederick

Music & Sound Design: Levitate

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