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Audien - Hindsight Concert Visuals

Client: Audien

Year: 2021

Audien and his team reached out to me to create an entire show's worth of concert visuals for a special headlining performance at the trance music festival 'Dreamstate." His performance, entitled Audien Presents: Hindsight would be a new trancier version of his sound mixed with some of his classic progressive house tunes. The brief was to create high end visuals that tied into themes of nature and beauty while feeling 'heavenly' and 'angelic' with the halo being a symbol used frequently. Audien's music has a very broad range of sound, so I designed all of the visuals to fit within three categories; Nature, Cathedral architecture, and Halos. Doing it this way allowed me to satisfy the brief, while also ensuring I provided a diverse set of content to match his diverse range of music. This was an extremely challenging project as I only had a month to design, animate, simulate and render nearly 20 minutes worth of content. Despite that, I had a ton of fun making these and I loved working with Audien's team. Enjoy!

Design & Animation: Ian Frederick

Music & Sound Design: Audien

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