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Amazon Prime Day 2018 Mobile Shopping

Client: Amazon

Year: 2018

Prime Day is Amazon's large one day summer sales event with thousands of deals. Our team was tasked with creating a video to show how customers can unlock special deals just by trying out some of the camera features on the mobile shopping app. Initially our client imagined this being a 2D explainer video, however we thought it would be more appropriate and visually appealing to build a 3D scene that is in line with the established stop-motion brand style Amazon uses for Prime Day. Additionally, we added in some 2D cel animated flourishes, bursts and explosions for some extra energy and a unique take on the established brand look.

Creative Direction: David Viau

Design & Animation: Ian Frederick, Drew Nelson, Andrew Nam, Ryan Eastham, Josh Van Whye

Lighting & Shading: Ian Frederick, Drew Nelson

Modeling: Ian Frederick, Ryan Eastham

Rigging: Ryan Eastham, Drew Nelson

2D Animation: Casey Doherty, Alex Noelke

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