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Amazon Echo Plus

Client: Amazon

Year: 2018

My team and I created a series of launch videos for the new generation of Echo devices. Echo plus is the one that I owned from start to finish. The goal was to create a video that shows the new features without feeling too much like a corporate explainer video. Amazon wanted the device to be something the customer relates to, so we shied away from surrealist mograph environments and went for a more realistic approach with some fun transitions to keep it interesting.

Unused Early Look Development

Early on, the client really wanted a faster paced mograph approach with surreal environments and sleek content. After doing a bunch of R&D and look development, the client decided they'd rather it to feel more relatable to their customers with the device sitting in real world places. That being said, these unused styleframes still deserve to see the light of day.


Creative Direction: David Viau, Mike Morris
Design & Animation: Ian Frederick
Lighting & Shading: Ian Frederick, Justin Reed
Script: Brandon Hilliard

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