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Amazon Conflux 2019

Client: Amazon

Year: 2019

Our team was approached to design graphics for Conflux 2019; an annual design conference hosted by Amazon. This project called for a title sequence, title cards, and a handful of print collateral. The theme for 2019 was 'identity and belonging'. 


Unlike years past, Conflux coordinators used this event to bridge the divide between internal design and the greater arts community in Seattle. Achieving this mixing of creative minds lead to a diverse group of industry leaders sharing the stage with an even more diverse group of Gen Z artists (Arts Corps). Our concept recognizes this blending of communities and conveys that combination through the simple story of finding a community. Our aesthetic balanced between crafty and fine art; the resourcefulness of Gen Z inspired a tactile look while the wisdom of industry professionals promotes structure which can be seen in the compositionally chiaroscuro technique. We felt this blend of perspectives reflected the sentiments of Conflux 2019.

Storyboard & Style Frames


Creative Direction: David Viau

Design & Animation: Ian Frederick, Austin Hochstatter
Print Design: Ian Frederick

Animated Type: Casey Doherty

Music & Sound Design: Eli Filosov

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