Just another day at the office.


When I was 8 years old, I read my first Iron Man comic and was immediately enthralled by how cool the art was. I've been passionately drawing and making art every single day since then. In college I discovered graphic design and found a way to use my artwork for solving design problems and telling stories. I learned how to apply my hard-earned illustration abilities to brand identity, posters, apparel, websites, motion graphics and a variety of multimedia.

Now I strive to understand the vision and strategy behind these problems and find a solution by crafting a visual story. I've previously worked with Amazon.com, Kidder Matthews, USC events, Socan, Medianet, Beautigenix, Content26, Dance music Northwest, Excision, Thelonious Wines, KT media and many many more. I have a wide array of skills and my projects have ranged from advertisement, brand identity, children's book illustration, animation, and branded environment design to web design, music festival apparel, and photo art direction. I'm passionate about honing my craft at home by drawing and learning new skills like digital painting and Cinema 4D. When I am not designing, you'll find me keeping myself inspired by traveling, lifting weights, going to concerts and reading good books.

For all design and illustration inquiries: ianrfrederick@gmail.com









P.S. Don't steal my shit, or I'll find you. Seriously, I know where you live.